Monday, 23 October 2017

T stands for……….the canal trip

I do hope I am doing the right thing by showing you yet more photos of our trip to France - there are loads more now I have got them onto my computer! 
Warning - there are lots here too!

On our final day in Carcassonne we had a walk past the old city and into the main city.
We passed the wall that I showed you in a previous post
Down the hill to the old bridge...
….where these two were in good spirit - they may have been on the route to Santiago de Compostela.
We had a good view of the bridge that we walked over when we first arrived in Carcassonne and good views of the old city too.

We stopped for a coffee at a lovely little cafe so I will be joining Bleubeard and Elizabeth for T Stands For Tuesday

Inside was a real delight..

Hubby took a closer look

The cafe was quite full so I have only shown you photos with no one in them - the comfy chairs were snapped as someone left!
I have never seen such a fantastic array of cakes and chose a slice of fruit cake to share - thank goodness we didn't order one each -it was huge!!! Our drinks were tea - hubby, coffee - me!
From here we enjoyed a walk through the main streets and picked up a sandwich to eat by the canal while we waited for the boat to let us on.

The trip was for  nearly  3 hours and we went through two locks and turned just before we reached a third.
At one of the locks we saw a mink - I think the man in the small boat was distracted as when we started to go down the edge of his boat caught on the side and he had to push it off with a bit of a bang!
Beyond the Black Mountains is the Massif central
The Canal du Midi is lined with trees that put their roots down and stabilise the banks.
The three hours went very quickly and we were soon back at the Marina.
I hope that you are still here so that I can wish you a Happy T Day. I'll be here again in  few hours with my post for the new theme for Try It On Tuesday!

Thanks for looking, Chris

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Summer is gone!

We saw the sun briefly this afternoon, when we were returning from our walk! The days are gone I think, when we can go out without a coat but I had to unzip it!
The leaves on the trees are changing slowly and some have blown off the trees in the recent winds. The river was running high too with all the rain we have had.
I made this journal page a few days ago but struggled with how to add the quote…..until today. I don't have a favourite season really although I'm not good with extremes of heat so Winter and Summer probably are not so high up my list!
I did realise though that the quote pretty much sums up a life in general. There's so much going on in Autumn!!!
I used Paper Artsy Fresco paints randomly over the page then lots of stamping and stencilling. I stamped PA's Lin Brown and Carabelle Studio's leaves onto some inked card and cut them. I added some rub on gilding
I am joining in again with Elke's theme at AJJ - Landscapes of the Soul.
I would also like to enter in the challenges at -
Country view Challenges - Mixed Media with Autumn Hues
A Vintage Journey - Crazy For Autumn Colour
Penny Black - October -Close to Nature
Craft Stamper - Take It Make It challenge - Anything Goes Stamping

Have a great week! 
Thanks for looking, Chris

Saturday, 21 October 2017

The girl inside

Hi everyone, I've had a bit of a week! Fortunately I have been able to get into my craft room for some quiet time and……. FINALLY, I have all but the last few remaining photos to get off my phone camera and that will be a lot less to think about!
We had to change some of plans this week for various reasons that I won't go into (it is in my calendar journal though if you look at the beginning of next month)
I have made another page for Elke's Theme -Landscapes of the Soul at AJJ.
I don't think I am alone in sometimes feeling that I am not really the age I am - the girl is still in there! 
That doesn't mean I am dwelling on the past, although my mind is full of thousands of memories. Far from it, it's just that some days I still feel and think the same as I did when I was a lot younger. I suppose what I am saying is……Oh! I don't know…I'm rambling….again!!!
My page started with a piece of mop up tissue stuck to the page, when it was dry I rubbed some brown inks over with a sponge.
I added some stencilling and stamping and some white marker.
The Gibson Girl (one of Artistic Stampers set 1 taken from the early 20th Century drawings by Charles Dana Gibson)was stamped onto a piece of scrap paper to represent the girl in me!
I mounted her onto a piece of an old tag that I tore the top off and added some scraps that I had around from testing a new(to me)Crafty Individuals stamp.
The words were written onto tissue paper(one of Susi's tips) and stuck on with Multimedia gel.

Seeing as I now have more photos on my computer I can show you a few more!
You may remember a visit we took to Formby Beach with my son and Grandchildren to see Anthony Gormley's 'Another Place' - if you didn't the pics are here.
I was delighted to find some of his iron men in Bordeaux to celebrate the fact that there is now a high speed train link with Paris

 This is the same man from a different angle - taken just before hit the deck!

They are 16 all over the city - we saw a few more in the distance but didn't get close enough to get a clear shot (wish we had now!)
I have more art to show you from Bordeaux when I catch up on my travel photos!!

Have a great weekend! 
Thanks for looking, Chris

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

T Stands For……….taking a day trip...

While we were staying in Carcassonne we took a another train journey for a day trip to Narbonne(hubby had booked it while we were at home)
It is near to the Mediterranean (about 9 miles away)and had totally different atmosphere to Carcassonne.

St Eutrope cathedral
Les Halles
If I had had more space in my suitcase this stall on the outdoor market could have had a lot of my money the lovely metal birds - one of which is now on my SIL's doorstep(she has a Hoopoe visitor every Summer)

This is where the old city gates stood.
St Pauls Church was beautiful!

Now……..Excuse me while I close my eyes!
Here is an extract from the internet
The legends says that in the first century of the Christian era, the bishop Paul Serge had converted the daughter of the Consul of Narbonne.  Denounced, then judged, the young Danaîdée refused to abjure her religion and marry the Emperor Justinian.  (Justinian the Great, was the Eastern Roman Emperor from 527 to 565 so there's some confusion here!) Danaïdée's father, furious, condemned her to death.  But when she was thrown in the sea. Danaîdée changed into a tree-frog and fled. The bishop Paul Serge continued to evangelise, to the great displeasure of the Consul, who offered the inhabitants of Bages a reward for killing him.  One day when Paul was fishing beside the étang (which, remember, was the open sea at the time) the people of Bages seized him.  To mock him, they offered him a chance to save himself . . . to carve a boat in a block of marble.  But to the great surprise of the people, the bishop succeeded, in a few hours, with hits from a hammer, in forming a skiff as light as wood.  And slowly, it drifted to the open sea.  Just then, a little tree-frog jumped on the prow of the boat to show him the way.  And save him from certainly drowning. 
I do not like frogs so got a bit of a shock when I leaned over for a look before reading the notice.
The Information Centre was right beside the Canal du Midi.
I realise that I haven't even taken you to the Cathedral or to view the beautiful architecture so I will return to Narbonne another time!
Right now we are headed to the beautiful place we found to have a coffee as I am joining Bluebeard and Elizabeth for T Stands For Tuesday! 

The most surprising place and so pleased we came across it!
So much so that I wrote a review for Trip Advisor

I snapped this table at the side of us just before a group of people arrived - they ordered the most amazing looking crepes!
 The leather bound menu
Hubby was not in the mood for photos - even with threats that I would put this on anyway!
I had a frappe while hubby had a tea and ice-cream!The choice of cakes looked wonderful - wish we had indulged now….maybe next time!!!
Hubby was happier earlier though!
Even the toilet in this place was spectacular! Can you spy the little rolled hand towels.

We both loved Narbonne so much we think we will be heading back here one day!

Thanks for looking, Chrisx